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Create leading-edge applications for PalmOS™ devices with Java™: DynaWorks provides an efficient and compact source code library for GUI handling and database access.

DynaWorks currently supports the following Java2™ Micro Edition implementations for the Palm:

It should be an easy job to port DynaWorks to the following Java2™ Micro Edition implementations:

Open Source
DynaWorks is licenced to you under the terms of the Open Source Modified Artistic Licence and can be used as outlined in the Licence Agreement.

For further information please feel free to contact me:

Bernd R. Fix,
Zürcherstrasse 5,
CH-4143 Dornach
email: brf@brainon.ch

DynaMID experimental
version released ...

[29-APR-2001] Since there is still no PDA Profile in sight and Sun has announced to provide a Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) implementation for PalmOS™, I have started to adapt the concepts behind Dynaworks for this profile.

Of course the resulting framework can be used to write applications for any MIDP-enabled device like smartphones and pagers - not only for the PalmPilot. This is also a very early stage in the development. Get your version from the DynaMID page and give it a try. Any suggestions are welcome.

DynaWorks Version 2.0 released ...

The latest release of Dynaworks includes some major improvements of the GUI and event system and is now enabled to work on different Java2™ Micro Edition implementations. Read more in the News section...

Credit Suisse launches youtrade application build with DynaWorks

The swiss company ergon used DynaWorks to build an online-brokerage application for the swiss bank Credit Suisse. The application, that also incorporates strong encryption routines, gains its performance from the Jbed compiler and runtime implementation (esmertec).

Important note: The application is designed to work on "real" Palm devices and might behave wrong on a Palm emulator (POSE).

2000+ downloads of DynaWorks

More than 2000 developers have downloaded DynaWorks within the last four month. To be honest - that is much more then I ever expected. So my commitment to further enhance and develop DynaWorks under an Open Source licence seems to be the right decision.

Let me know what you are doing with DynaWorks and contribute to it like other co-developers...

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