Timeline: A brief history of DynaWorks

Release History

Version 2.0
DynaWorks is now 'decoupled' from the KVM implementation from Sun and can be easily ported to and used with different J2ME implementations. This required a rework of the event and widget handling as well as a completely new widget set (all PalmOS widgets types are remodeled). The new version includes an implementation for the J9/Palm environent from IBM and for Sun's KVM.

Version 1.2
OpenSource release. FAQ and technical section added.

Version 1.1e
Added user contributions and a tree control for DynaPage.

Version 1.1d
Package names changed according to standard naming conventions. Conduit development support added.

Version 1.1
Package brf.pilot.DynaDb and brf.pilot.util added. Framework renamed to DynaWorks

Version 1.0
Package brf.pilot.DynaPage released.

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1.2 ⇒ 2.0
DynaWorks now uses a new concept of 'environment' to decouple the application development from a single J2ME implementation (KJava/KVM from Sun). This procedure forced a lot of code change in the internal modules (changes for application developers were kept to an minimum) - so there are a lot of changes... You can read more about the changes between DynaWorks 1.2 and 2.0 here.

A new website design for the DynaWorks pages.

The package names for DynaWorks and the assignment of classes to packages has changed. The new naming better fits the new DynaWorks concept. You just have to rename some import statements (see a list of renamed packages).

1.1e ⇒ 1.2
DynaWorks is now released as an OpenSource project.

A new FAQ and a technical section have been added to the tutorial that includes instructions how to integrate DynaWorks into JBuilder 3.5.

1.1d ⇒ 1.1e
Contribution section: See what other DynaWorks users have contributed to the framework. Go to the contribution section for further information.

1.1 ⇒ 1.1d
Compatible with CLDC1.0 FCS; the class library DynaWorks.jar contains preverified class files.

Conduit development: The tutorial now includes a section on how to write a Java-based conduit using CDK4Java from Palm. Access your custom databases through your DynaDb records.

Renaming: The packages brf.pilot.DynaPage and brf.pilot.DynaDb have been renamed to 'brf.pilot.dynapage and brf.pilot.dynadb respectively. This is a minor change that only requires small adjustments in your import statements but is a step forward to naming conventions.

1.0 ⇒ 1.1
Compatible with CLDC1.0; the class library DynaWorks.jar contains preverified class files.

New package 'brf.pilot.DynaDb' added; DynaDb is a framework to write database applications that work with own or build-in databases (currently you only have read access to build-in databases).

New package 'brf.piot.DynaPage.ui' added; DynaPage.ui contains a custom widget (Slider) that is also used as an example for custom widget programming.

New package 'brf.pilot.util' added; util contains some helper classes used to process date and time information in Palm build-in databases.

examples/DynaPage and examples/DynaDb with sample source code added.

The object store functionality in DynaPage is now described in this 'HowTo' document.

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1.2 ⇒ 2.0
Since this is a feature and not a bugfix release, not much time was spent on bug fixing (there were no real problems anyway). But this also means that this version is quite new in some ways, so it might show errors where it worked flawlessly until now.

1.1e ⇒ 1.2
Practically none (you haven't reported any problems since the last release ;-)

1.1d ⇒ 1.1e
DynaDb/IntegerRecordField/ShortRecordField: Fixed a serious bug in the 'IntegerRecordField' and 'ShortRecordField' class. The 'getXXX()' methods of this classes returned wrong results in most cases. Luckily, database files were written correctly, so entered data is not lost and can now be read correctly. Thanks to Alan McDonald for his hints and reports.

Conduit development: Fixed some minor bugs and glitches in the conduit tutorial.

1.1 ⇒ 1.1d
Custom databases: To reuse code between KVM/J2ME and J2SE/EE there is a change in custom record fields. The sequence of fields is now fixed by the sequence you add fields to the record. This change will not break any code - but probably break any existing custom databases. Please remove any previous custom databases from your Palm device before you start a recompiled application.

1.0 ⇒ 1.1
There was a problem regarding the replacement of entries in the data store.

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