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As an Open Source package, everyone can download, modify and redistribute DynaWorks as long as the terms of the 'Modified Artistic Licence' Agreement are met.

This site holds the original DynaWorks package as outlined in the Licence. It also provides the reference implementations for various J2ME / CLDC ports.

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All-In-One Package
 dynaworks-2.0.tar.gz (1.01 MB)

 dynaworks-2.0.zip (1.32 MB)

This includes is the complete DynaWorks package: source code, API documentation, JAR files and an image of the website.

Source Documentation
 dynaworks-2.0.src.tar.gz (63 KB)

 dynaworks-2.0.src.zip (105 KB)

This includes all Java source files of DynaWorks. Not included are batch or shell scripts for compilation or any other non-Java resources.

 dynaworks-2.0.docs.tar.gz (227 KB)

 dynaworks-2.0.docs.zip (420 KB)

The set of API documentation for the packages brf.j2me.dynaworks.* and its sub-packages.

 dynaworks-2.0.J9.jar (344 KB)

Resources and J9-related source code in one JAR that can be directly integrated into the VisualAge Micro Edition (read more).

This package does not include KJava or Jbed related source code.

 dynaworks-2.0.web.tar.gz (613 KB)

 dynaworks-2.0.web.zip (684 KB)

A snapshot of the DynaWorks web site. Only the "Download" and "API Docs" section is not included.

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