DynaWorks User contributions

It is a great honour for me if people are not just using the tools and apps I wrote but are also contributing some of their own work to the project for the benefit of all. Thanks a lot to everyone who helps to get the framework better...

I have described each contribution in the following sections; you can download a pre-verified class library (DynaWorks.contrib.jar) that contains all classes supplied by users.

A 'TabbedButtons' control
(by Bernhard Stimpfle)

This widget is a tab control, where a number of text 'labels' are grouped for selection. The control reserves the upper area of the screen for its display. You can select a label by clicking on the text displayed in the label. You can therefore use the widget to switch between different pages in your application.

If there are more labels than would fit on a Palm screen, you can use the arrows to scroll the labels left or right.

Class file: contained in DynaWorks.contrib.jar
Source file: TabbedButtons.java

There is also a small example application available to show you the use of the control. You can download the ZIP-archived example.

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