Cyfer is an OpenPGP implementation for newer Nokia Communicators (9500/9300) only - it will (most certainly) not run on any other cellphones or PDAs. See the requirement list to find out if your Nokia device is supported.

OpenPGP is a standard (RFC 2440) for exchanging signed and/or encrypted messages (via eMail). It is used by applications like GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) and others.

Cyfer is not intergrated into the existing eMail application on the device, so you have to transfer message texts via clipboard from and to the application.

The application is in an early state of development, so do not expect it to work with all OpenPGP options without problems. The user interface is kept as simple as possible (no configuration of parameters). There is also no key management implemented, you can only use key rings from other OpenPGP applications. The software is distributed as freeware (see copyright statements) and can be downloaded from this site.

Using Cyfer with an email application

If you have created signed or encrypted messages and want to send these messages via email, simply "Copy&Paste" the message from the Cyfer window into the message body.

Before you actually send the message, make sure the message format is set to "plain text" (and not HTML). This is important and allows the receiving mail application to recognize the OpenPGP message correctly.


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