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is a library of animated gates. All gates can dock to a passenger aircraft parked near the gate. More...
Animating objects in static BGL sceneries

The BusyObjects framework exploits a new way of animating objects in static FS2k+ sceneries. It allows you to play animations at varying speeds, begin (and end) animations at any time, reverse animations and have complex path definitions for the animated object. Since the object is rendered at different positions for (nearly) every frame, the object transformation appears very smooth.

May 5, 2003
Daniel Gauthier (Swiss FS Team) has released Bouchs airport (LSMU) with two BusyObjects animations. Download the scenery at the AVSIM library (look for a file called CH03-MU.ZIP).

Mar. 19, 2003
The first release of the BusyObjects framework is now available at the AVSIM library.

Mar. 2, 2003
The Irish Flight Sim Design team has released version 1.0 of their Ireland scenery package. Dublin Intl (EIDW) has a small BusyObjects animation of a baggage car near the terminals.
Download the BusyObjects framework (v1.0):
YBO-1.0.zip (420kB) (released on Mar. 19, 2003)

The archive includes installation instructions, a manual and a tutorial (both as PDF), the BusyObjects compiler, gmax scripts and an example.

Please check the status page for bugs / fixes of the current version.
(last changed on Mar. 19, 2003)

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