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Gallery of BusyObjects

Here you find examples of BusyObjects created with the framework.

Bouchs / Switzerland (LSMU)

Daniel Gauthier of the "Swiss FS Team" has released the airport of Bouchs/Switzerland at AVSIM (look for CH03-MU.ZIP in the file library). The Bouchs airport is the last in a series of outstanding sceneries and swiss airports created by Daniel Gauthier.

The airport contains two animations:

  • Fuel Truck
    A fuel truck that can be "called" by setting COM1 frequency to 118.80. When the truck stops at parking, it starts refueling the aircraft.

  • Follow Me car
    When you approach the the parking area, a Follow-Me vehicle is there to guide you to a free parking slot. This BusyObject is quite intelligent; it knows when to abort waiting for an aircraft and when its service is needed.

Dublin, Intl (EIDW)

The Irish Flight Sim Design team has released version 1.0 of their Ireland scenery package. Dublin Intl (EIDW) has a small BusyObjects animation of a baggage car near the terminals.

BusyObjects Demo (Alpha Preview)

This was the first public "release" of the BusyObjects framework (just a demo that plays back) and was sent out on Jan. 17, 2003.
New cleaner texture contributed by François Ronchi

download (236kB)

If you want to share your animation with other users, please send a screenshot and an URL for download to brf@brainon.ch

BusyObjects "side effects"

Here you find some examples of animations built with BusyObjects technology. These examples are hand-coded and cannot be created with the framework yet. They are meant as a demonstration of what is possible with the technology itself.

"Hill of Tara" - UFO scenery

The "Hill Of Tara" is one of the famous historical places in Ireland and is just a few minutes flight out of Dublin (N53:34.00, W6:35.58). So you wouldn't be too suprised to encounter UFOs there, right? This is what this little scenery provides: The probably first UFO encounter in MSFS history.

Download from AVSIM.

This work is freeware and must not be used as part of any commercial products without written permission of the author. Results produced with this work contain code and data that are part of the work; therefore results have the same restrictions as the original work and must not be used in commercial products without permission. Contact the author at brf@brainon.ch for more information.