Services is running several services for its users as well as for the general public:

Pond/EMail Gateway

The service now provides a Pond/EMail Gateway to allow bidrectional message exchange between the systems. It is intended to support each registered Pond user by allowing her/him to be reachable by an unlimited number of normal email addresses for registration, mailing lists and other purposes. mirror

The website now provides a mirror; it can be reached at

Running a mirror helps to provide better accessibility and availability for the website, even if some governments might fancy it a good idea to censor the access to the original website.

VPN services for journalists

The team is primarily providing services for hacktivists - but is trying to be helpful to all people who are dedicated to freedom of information, freedom of communication and expression, free speech and informational self-determination. This includes VPN services for journalists that work in or travel to countries that do not honor the above values.

If you are a journalist and want use our VPN services for free, please contact us via encrypted EMail; you find our EMail address inside our GnuPG key.

(You can read the VPN manual here and setup your computer to use VPN, but you need to receive credentials from us before you can actually use the service)

Pond server

People can get a free account on our Pond server. Pond realizes a new form of asynchronous message exchange (like EMail), but with OTR encryption (like XMPP/OTR) and no visible metadata at all - so you can have totally secure, anonymous communication that will not allow adversaries to generate any form of communication profile between peers whatsoever.

We consider this to be the next-generation email protocol. The address of our pond server is:


E-Mail address

People can get an email address in the domain with access to the mail server for SMTP (sending emails) and POP3 (receiving emails).

Please note that this service is invitation only; you need one already registered user to vouch for you to become eligible for your own email account.

Mixmaster relay and exit node is operating a Mixmaster remailer node for relay and exit of anonymous emails named kreti.

Anonymous remailers enable people that are living/working in a place that does not honor the freedom of speech and were speaking out can have severe consequences to participate in Internet discussions on sensitive topics, such as homosexuality or a religion or political view that might even be illegal in his/her country.

The intended purpose of this services is to enhance the freedom of Internet users and to enable them to excercise their right on freedom of speech, freedom of information and uncensored, world-wide communication - wherever they live or whatever they believe in. It is not intended to be used to insult or trouble other people by sending anonymous emails - but freedom for the many has to endure the misuse of freedom by a few.

If you have received insulting emails from this Mixmaster exit node, please refer to our policies regarding the abuse handling.

You can view the Mixmaster statistics for this node. Depending on the current mode of operation this stats can be unavailable or empty.