AJaX is an OpenSource project to integrate a Java2 Virtual Machine (JVM) into AutoCAD and to provide the necessary interfaces and class libraries for Java-based application development on the AutoCAD 2000(i) platform.

The AJaX package can be used and re-distributed under the terms of the Modified Artistic Licence.

You are invited to participate in the AJaX development. Please subscribe to the AJaX developers mailing list and download the AJaX source code for free! More...

Java is gaining more and more impact on future trends in information technology and is certainly going to be the language for distributed environments and application services via internet.
The CAD industry was less heavily touched by Java until now. There is only one CAD system I personally know about that incorporates Java directly into their application (Bentley's MicroStation/J). Other CAD systems don't seem to care - or at least they are not talking about it.

  More about Java in the CAD world (AJaX white paper; coming soon) Read more about Java at the sun web site.

{ News
1.Nov.2000: AJaX released as OpenSource project
AJaX - which was presented on last year's CAMP ADGE (AutoCAD Developers Group Europe) in Kopenhagen for the first time (download the PowerPoint presentation, ~1.2 MB) - is now released as OpenSource to the Autodesk developer community.
The event took place at this year's CAMP ADGE in Paris, where brain://on was giving talks on the OpenSource concept and licence models (Pit Steinlin: OpenSource) and the release of AJaX (Bernd Fix: AJaX - Free At Last!).
@ Status
last updated: 05-Nov-2000
If you have any comments or bug reports, please contact ajax@brainon.ch.
The current version of AJaX is targeted at AutoCAD developers with Java experience. If you want to join the AJaX team, please subscribe to the developer team and download the AJaX package.

Since this is a quite early stage in development, no support for application developers or end-users is provided. This will all change with the first release of an "end-user" version; no date for such a release can be given yet - so stay tuned for news on this page.

Number of participating developers: 16
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